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Oil company Tatneft is perhaps the most original and advanced international company in the oil and gas filling market. We were given the task of radically transforming the design of the Tatneft gas station network, without losing its main features - dynamism, cultural identity and the desire to develop at the highest possible pace.

Every new design starts with sketches.
But you can start drawing something only after serious research has been carried out on the market, consumers, competitive environment, client flows and other data that shape the client’s business.

Essentially, in order to make an effective project for business, we must be fully involved in the work of the customer’s company - understand all the strengths and weaknesses (yes, that same SWOT analysis).
In our project, NK Tatneft has already received a general vision of the directions for the development of the retail network, the main advantages and the competitive situation. Our colleagues from the British international chain also developed a modern corporate identity for the #GreenLight brand for the store and line of related products.

During the development of the first concepts, we always propose several design directions - usually from conservative solutions that could contribute to evolutionary development, to radical, bold steps.
Several working groups participated in the project for the Tatneft network, including our colleagues from the studio in Milan. The international composition of the team helped to maximally cover the entire range of possible solutions and take into account a variety of international practices.

Another design feature of the new network was the “floating” logo of the Tatneft brand, developed and patented by us. We use this solution for both the pillar and the frieze of the fuel group canopy. The transparent base creates the effect of a sign floating in the air. This effect works especially brightly in the dark and in cloudy weather.
This solution is unique not only for Russian gas stations, but also for all global networks.