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M12 highway

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Alexei Goncharenko
Alexei Goncharenko
10 March 2023

The first section of the M12 Moscow-Kazan highway was opened in early fall. Drivers can now save half an hour on the section that connects the Central Ring Road and the Orekhovo-Zuev Bypass. 

The newly developed Free Flow system allows for non-stop dtiving: it recognizes vehicle's license plate number and vehicle dimensions, and automatically charges the driver.

The newest multifunctional complexes will be built along the highway.
These will be unusual objects: gas stations, stores, playgrounds and other services for drivers and passengers will be united on the single plot.

Main principle of the new service zones is "Rest first, fill up later". First of all, the driver will go to the parking lot, from there – to restaurants, stores and recreational areas, and only then - to the gas station.

At the highway gas stations there will be a split of traffic flows: cars, trucks and buses will have their own parking lots, where vehicles do not interfere with each other or passengers.
And of course (if you were wondering) we are designing all this for top service stations brands ⭐️ so stay tuned for further coverage 😉

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